Merus Tech signs up with Tech Mech Services LLC for Oman

Merus Tech d.o.o Since 1996 we solve problems around fluids, mainly water treatment. This we do in the industry, in big and small buildings and private homes with our Merus Ring.

The key word “solving” can be taken in the literal sense. In most cases it is not the water causing problems. If foreign substances in the water settle – for example in pipes or machines – the whole issue gets difficult and costly.

We advice and support you to get rid of limescale, corrosion or biofouling in your pipe. No matter how small or big your problem is. By the way our alternative water softener is the hit.

Tech Mech Services LLC in partnerships with industry leading Technology Providers from across the world are here to contribute to Oman’s Vision 2040 by helping Oman customers in improving their businesses in a more sustainable yet profitable way.

With a keen eye on customer satisfaction through In-Country Value (ICV) creation, we are doing our part in driving Oman’s economy to even greater heights.

Tech Mech Services LLC is backed by an executive management team totaling 60+ years of cumulative experience in handling highly complex industrial technology implementations and projects.