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Tech Mech Services LLC have a reputation for supplying high value and superior technology industrial products to Industries across the board including Energy, Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemicals, Power, Cement, mining and Engineering industries.


Engineered Products

Instrumentation and control

Control and Instrumentation

✓ Field Instrumentation – Pressure/ Temperature/ Flow/Level Devices
✓ Isolation Solutions – Control Valves, Ball Valves, Server Service Valves, Valve Automation
✓ Analytical Instrumentation – Gas and Liquid
✓ Industrial Software Solutions
✓ Instrumentation and controls Field upgrade packages
✓ Turbines & Compressor Controls

Rotating equipment

Mechanical Equipment – Rotating

✓ Gas Compressors – Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Screw
✓ Mini Gas Turbines
✓ Blowers
✓ Centrifugal Pumps
✓ Fire Water Pumps

Mechanical Equipment – Static

✓ Pipeline scale removal – Merus Rings
✓ Plate Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers
✓ Exotic pipes and tubes Seamless – SS/DSS/Alloy 625/825
✓ Welded Piping Solutions
✓ Gas Ejectors
✓ Mechanical Power Transmission systems
✓ Flare Systems / Buner Management
✓ Vessels Internals
✓ Electrical Heaters
✓ Filtration Solutions


Engineered Packages

✓ Flare Gas Recovery Systems
✓ Packaged Gas Compressors / Contract Compression
✓ Distributed Power Generation Packages – Gas Turbines, Gas Engines, ORC
✓ Hazardous Waste Management
✓ Oil & Gas Metering Skids
✓ Intelligent Multiport Selector Skids
✓ Process Packages.


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With our vast repository of Industrial knowledge as a superior technology supplier and engineered products, we are well-set to play a value addition role in supplying critical equipment and superior technology products needed in the Oman’s Industrial sector.

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